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printing machine we use

Xerox Iridesse
Production Press


Cutting edge technology in a high-end printer meant for all your professional printing needs. Iridesse Production Press - the industry's first 6-colour print engine - helps realise new printing designs and expressions to suit more demands, which were done mainly by offset.

Innovative new designs and prints featuring specialty colours. No more conventional printing with just CMYK dry inks, the Iridesse Production Press adopts specialty inks that produces a shine of eye-catching gold, silver and metallic colours. The prints produced have an expanded range of expression which adds value and effective marketing activities. High productivity, outstanding image quality, a wide media latitude, and the reliability of the production flagship model featuring unprecedented power of expression make a solid difference in your projects. Customers can now enjoy prints with richer and deeper colours without a need to compromise the expression of their work.

Our machine ensures instead of just relying on conventional offset printing, which performs well for high-volume jobs, more businesses have the choice to choose on-demand printing, which is shorter in turnaround time and prints the necessary materials when you need them. We enhance the value of printing with the use of this capital printing equipment to help your business grow.

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