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L Shape Folders

Professional and personalised L-Shape Folder printing. Print your text or logos and the L-Shape Folder can become the best corporate gift to potential clients and business partners. Also, a fantastic choice of gift for school events to students to keep important work and documents. We create great high-quality L-Shape Folders that are durable, tear-resistant and waterproof with no colour limitations for any marketing or special occasion. The perfect folder for simple A4 size document filing.

You can customise your printing of your L Shape folders. Options include the following:

i. (4Cx0C) A translucent but filled folder with printed visible graphics on the front and back. Documents are semi visible within the folder.
ii. (4Cx1C) Translucent back and a transparent front. Documents will be visible from the front but semi visible from the back of the folder.
iii. (4CxSpot White) Completely transparent folder with selected portions translucent. Documents will be completely visible but semi visible from the selected portions.


In a summary

Useful and practical corporate stationary for all businesses
Use them to store important documents and notes
Fully Customisable with logos, slogans and contact details


  1. L Shape Folders
    As low as $205.00

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