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Offset Printing

Premium-quality offset printing services, ideal for printing projects that require a large volume of deliverables. The traditional printing method now combined with the latest high-tech printing techniques. This allows us to help you print a greater volume and extend your reach to build upon your potential client pool.

This method comes highly recommended for printing projects or marketing campaigns that utilise promotional flyers, brochures, booklets, etc. for distribution in roadshows or large-scale corporate events.

Offset printing will ultimately be the more cost-effective choice for printing large orders swiftly as it has a lower marginal cost for set up. That does not mean that we sacrifice quality for quantity. We guarantee every cent goes into producing a consistent high image quality of your work with a variety of paper and ink types that make it suitable for commercial use. This ensures that we are the best choice for companies as we help you save without extra cost on quantity and quality!

  1. Birthday Cards
    As low as $11.40
  2. Christmas Cards
    As low as $11.40
  3. Door Hangers
    As low as $52.00
  4. Economy Brochures
    As low as $89.94
  5. Economy Flyers
    As low as $61.25
  6. Economy Letterheads
    As low as $61.25
  7. Fridge Magnets 2024
    As low as $67.50
  8. Gaming Desk Mat
    As low as $50.00
  9. Hari Raya Cards
    As low as $11.40
  10. Hari Raya Packets
    As low as $168.00
  11. L Shape Folders
    As low as $205.00
  12. Mouse Pad
    As low as $40.00
  13. Namecards Laminate
    As low as $30.00
  14. Red Packets
    As low as $168.00
  15. Thank You Cards
    As low as $11.40
  16. Wallet Tissues
    As low as $600.00
  17. Wrapping Paper
    As low as $110.00

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